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    "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

    —Steve Jobs

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  • Las Vegas Land Surveyors

    "High expectations are the key to everything."

    —Sam Walton

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  • Las Vegas Land Surveyors

    "Our clients success is our main objective."

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  • Las Vegas Land Surveyors

    "Success can be obtained with communication, commitment and effort."

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  • Las Vegas Land Surveyors

    "Our work is the presentation of our capabilities."

    —Edward Gibbon

  • Las Vegas Land Surveyors

    "The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them."

    —Benjamin Jowett

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Tri-Core Surveying...

was founded in 2005 with the vision of creating a Professional Surveying and Mapping Firm that focuses on client satisfaction and offers quality work with the staff flexibility, resources and commitment to meet the production needs of the most demanding projects and schedules.


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  • "In the last 10 years I have supervised or directed the development of over 20,000 single family detached lots. In that time I have found the principles of Tri-Core to be the most accurate, reliable, survey operation in Las Vegas."

    Don Del Giorno
    President—KB Home Nevada, Inc.

  • "...they set the bar for the competition. In addition, the Tri-Core team is always responsive and fair, standing behind their work with unmatched integrity. I would give Tri-Core my highest recommendation."

    Jeff Deason
    Director of Land Planning and Development—Pulte Homes

  • "Tri-Core's performance has been excellent in all categories including communication, scheduling, supervision, quality of materials and workmanship, attention to detail, and most importantly on price."

    Timothy McCarron
    Purchasing Agent Land Development—Storybook Homes

  • "Tri-Core has not only been a pleasure to work with, but they have helped in relieving our current man-power shortage by constantly going the extra mile mainly by not needing direct supervision."

    Edward K. Duenas
    Director of Land Development—Woodside Homes

  • "Our working relationship with Tri-Core has been very successful; they are competent, accurate, dependable, and provide excellent customer service."

    Kelly J. Wittwer
    President—Triton Engineering

  • "Tri-Core always has the client's interest at heart and consistently accomodates the needs of their clients. They are extremely passionate with their work and their positive attitude is a refreshing change."

    Craig Garhardt
    Director of Land Development—Toll Brothers, Inc.

  • "The working relationship with Tri-Core Surveying, LLC has been successful and with great relief. It is nice to find a company that works hard at what they do, which in turn makes a project go smooth."

    Michael G. Fauci
    President—M.G. Fauci Construction Company, Inc.

  • "Due to the efforts and timely response of the Tri-Core survey team, we were able to reduce our build times and realize savings during our horizontal construction phase."

    Jeffrey S. Newton
    Project Manager—Kimball Hill Homes

  • "Their dedication to excellence and to their clients is second to none and we at Focus Property Group look forward to a lasting relationship with Tri-Core and we encourage you to do the same."

    Jason Thompson
    Community Development Director—Focus Property Group

  • "We believe Tri-Core has the same philosiphy as our firm does in delivering an accurate, dependable and timely project to our clients. We highly recommend Tri-Core Surveying and look forward to continuing our working relationship."

    Steven Weatherman, PE
    President—Consulting Civil Engineering, Inc.

  • "I want to take a minute and let you know what a privelige it has been to work with Tri-Core Surveying. The maps your office completed for our project were accurate and on schedule."

    John R. Manning, PE
    Principal—Advantage Civil Design Group, LLP

Services Provided

+ Construction Staking

Tri-Core has over 25 years of combined experience in staking residential, commercial, and public works projects in Southern Nevada.

+ Cadastral Retracement Surveys

Tri-Core specializes in cadastral surveys which are the foundation upon which rest title to all land that is now, or was once, part of the Public Domain of the United States.

+ GPS/Geodetic Surveys

Tri-Core geodetic surveys contain corrections to account for the curvature of the earth's surface.

+ Topographic & Design Surveys

Tri-Core's topographic surveys identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth. Design surveys focus on the design criteria of the civil engineer with special attention to tie-in locations of existing improvements and utilities.

+ Processing Entitlements

Tri-Core's team works together with public agencies in order to manage and achieve the most favorable results possible for the design project.

+ Boundary Surveys

Tri-Core is experienced in researching and mapping the perimeter boundaries parcels of real property that may require the setting of permanent or semi-permanent "monuments" to mark property corners.

+ Encumbrance Mapping

Tri-Core prepares encumbrance exhibits depicting existing easements and encumbrances to assist developers during their due dilligence period while acquiring property. Tri-Core also prepares easement maps for agency submittals.

+ ALTA ACSM Land Title Surveys

Tri-Core prepares surveys in compliance with a comprehensive set of standards that have been jointly prepared and adopted by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Land Title Association.

+ Legal Descriptions & Exhibits

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