Tri-Core Surveying, LLC Tri-Core Surveying, LLC

About Us

Tri-Core Surveying, LLC was founded in 2005 with the vision of creating a Professional Surveying and Mapping Firm that focuses on client satisfaction and offers quality work with the staff flexibility, resources and commitment to meet the production needs of the most demanding projects and schedules.

Therefore we have structured Tri-Core Surveying with five key elements necessary for success:

  1. STAFF
    • We employ hardworking, motivated individuals with strong morals, integrity and dependability and then train them to survey.
    • Our "promote from within" philosophy – teamwork, mentoring and cross training is common throughout our company both in the field and office and is critical to our growth and success. All survey office staff has extensive field experience. The continued success of our "promote from within" philosophy is proven by the fact that the majority of our team began their survey career working with the founders of Tri-Core Surveying.
    • Tri-Core Surveying believes providing quality service to our clients requires that services be performed consistently and correctly. We have established in-house procedures based upon many years of local experience, including a strong network of verbal and written communication between our team, clients and subcontractors. Clients are continuously informed about project status.
    • Being proactive and organized enables our field crew the ability to consistently accommodate our clients needs and expedite the project schedule.
    • Locating monuments and control points, note keeping, lath marking and color codes from crew to crew and project-to-project are a result of our Quality Assurance Program and regular staff meetings. Tri-Core Surveying has developed proven in-house procedures, allowing us to exceed the required standards and schedule for each project.

Methods and Equipment

Our Survey Team has the knowledge and experience to ensure the most accurate results by determining the appropriate method to be used on each project whether utilizing conventional surveying methods or the advanced measurement technology offered by Real Time Kinematic GPS.

Conventional surveys are performed with electronic total stations with Trimble TSC-2 data collectors programmed with Survey Pro firmware providing calculations and data collection wired to the total station thereby eliminating human errors and increasing response time and productivity.

GPS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveys are performed with Trimble 4800 and 5800 dual frequency receivers receiving radio signal from community base stations or one of our temporary base stations. The Trimble TSC-2 data collectors are also programmed with Trimble GPS firmware which use Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Roadway and Profile software with preloaded project design data and data collection capabilities which increases efficiency and productivity.

Vertical Control surveys are performed on every project. The survey is performed using differential leveling techniques with a customized tabulation sheet, which enables each measurement to be checked for closure and adjusted to final elevations for each control point.

Tri-Core Surveying currently operates several Ford F-250 ? ton trucks equipped with 4 wheel drive and camper shells to provide access to land through difficult terrain and protect our survey equipment from weather conditions.

Information Technology

Tri-Core Surveying has the ability to produce media files that are directly compatible with data produced and maintained by most Engineering, Surveying and Architectural Firms in the U.S. We use Autodesk Civil 3D 2006, Autodesk Civil Design 2006, Autodesk Survey 2006, and Autodesk Land Desktop 2006 and GPS software is Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO) v1.62. Tri-Core Surveying currently employs a 114GB PC server providing a Local-Area-Network running Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 with TCPIP over Ethernet running at 100Mbit. Configured Services are File / Print, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Exchange, SQL, Remote Storage, HTTP and FTP. The Firewall / Router is a Linksys RV082 Dual WAN port router configured with static public IP. Network Address Translation (NAT), Packet filtering, VPN tunneling enabled, PPTP, Logging, Port forwarding enabled for POP, SMTP and HTTP only. The backup system is Windows NT Backup configured for automated nightly backups to external hard drive. Hard drives are set for 5 day rotation. Full data, system state and Exchange Mail Store are backed up Monday through Friday. The Wireless Capabilities are 54Mbit Wireless Access Point connected to internal LAN and secured with 64bit WEP.

The Tri-Core Surveying network connects 11 desktop workstations each equipped with a 40GB hard drive with Pentium 4 Processor 2.8GHz, 3 desktop (field crew-upload/download) stations, Hewlett Packard Design Jet 500 - inkjet color plotter, and KIP 3000 plotter / scanner.